What confident traders DON’T do


“They don’t Stop Doing Exactly the Chilling thing”

Highly convinced traders do not get the easy road.

They know that the things that are scary to accomplish, are frequently what’s required to ensure success as a trader. For instance…

When a trade is going forex trading south africa your way, the simple thing to do is to get out of the transaction to get a measly pre mature profit.

The chilling thing to accomplish is to keep on the trade until it strikes your take profit level, knowing it may turn around and hit on your stoploss.

Unfortunately, you have to accomplish the latter. This way you won’t only follow your trading strategy but you will also get a bigger profit that is things you want to reach for your own portfolio.

Do not charge a small profit simply because you’re scared of this trade turning . Small losses are typical the main trading match. Oahu is the big profits that will drive your portfolio more higher.

Put in your trading degrees (entry, stop loss and take profit) and simply leave your trade independently.

“They don’t live in a bubble of comfort”
Taking a loss is probably one of the hardest things you could do as a dealer. You simply do not want to be more wrong. New dealers choose to follow their particular stop loss rules whenever they trade.

If a market is moving contrary to them they tend to drop the stoploss further right down in order to prevent that uncomfortable feeling of taking a loss. They hold onto the losing trade which increases their losses to come.

This provides them some form of comfort knowing they’re not wrong yet because they’re still holding on their own trade.

Whenever you hold onto a loser, you feel as if you still have confidence and comfort with this transaction. You think the market will turn up at which you’ll’eventually’ bank a decent profit.

The issue is if the market keeps falling, this bubble of comfort is going to develop in to a really painful experience once you choose that knock. So make sure to cut your small loss and move onto another one.

“They don’t obsess over the opinions of others”
Once you get a proven trading strategy, with a fixed amount of rules, everything else does not matter.

Do not worry about what Bloomberg, your friends or news articles are saying about local or global markets. These outside opinions don’t have anything todo with the functioning of your trading plan.

If it did, then you’d have included them in the rules.

Therefore instead, follow your plan as it really is and forget the others. You’ll feel confident as being a dealer if you rely on irrelevant resources.

“They don’t need constant reassurance”
Confident men and women are not looking for hand .

That you won’t have to ask anybody their opinion on what they consider your current trading rankings.

Keep in mind, once you have a trading plan with proven results — you understand BETTER.

“They do not cease due to minor Set Backs”
When incurring losses following a losing streak, optimistic traders maintain it.

They do not throw away their strategy, break their keyboard and return to the dusty drawing board.

No! A confident trader will first lower their risk each transaction from say 2 percent to 1%.

They’ll then re-analyse and proceed above their trading plan again to see why the trading plan isn’t performing in addition to they expected it to.

Confidence comes with independence, the further you have your trading plan in order, tried and tested — even the more convinced you are going to be as a dealer for your financial future.

“Wisdom yields Wealth”

Timon Rossolimos
Analyst, BlackStone Futures

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